If you want to live your life with an attractive body and an energetic spirit, rather than hopelessly, here is the map! All you have to do is be with us for 21 days. Because we know that everything starts with the first move to the goal. But this is not enough... Because you need support in this way, to be encouraged when you lose your confidence in yourself, to beat your despair when you are about to give up. That's why you are not alone in our “21-day group program”. BE LIGHT KITCHEN offers you the opportunity to go out with a group on this journey. In this process, you have friends who have the same goals and a life coach who will never let you give up. Because our first goal is make you believe in yourself.




As first you must fill out the application form to become a member of this special group. This program consists of 3 meetings, meals for 21 days, a close comminication with the life coaches, a workshop, group joggings and motivational interviews with Şeyda Coşkun. In BE LIGHT KITCHEN meeting, you will meet your life coach and set out your personal program, full of personal reviews and suggestions. Your daily menus will be sent to your address and your life coach follows you closely.  In the second meeting, your results will be evaluated together with other members of the group and your life coach. There will be also a workshop that you can, learn how to prepare your own healthy menus. By the end of this program, you will have a motivational meeting with Şeyda Coşkun to get suggestions that will give your body a better understanding. You will begin to enjoy the pleasure of your new body and then your life. Beyond everything, you will reach your goal with determination and have the pleasure of accomplishment. We keep the program details and analysis of all our members participating in this program in our archive. Thus, you can order suitable short/long term meal packages offered in BE LIGHT KITCHEN.




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